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Store medical data in one place, track the dynamics of indicators and share important information with your doctor.

App overview

Why people choose Mestory

Automatic recognition

Just take a photo or upload documents with analyzes, and we will recognize and enter them automatically.


Track the dynamics of indicators, follow the history of changes and share data.

Medical record

Store all data online, easily accessible from your phone or computer.


Receive recommendations for your Health indicators based on your medical profile.


Share your profile, documents or metrics with doctors and family.

Export to PDF

You can export documents, events and indicators with a choice of the period in a visual form.

Knowledge base

A handy guide to your indicators.


Create profiles for kids or parents and share them.


Forget about a bunch of papers. Upload any documents conveniently and they will always be at hand.



Upload photos of analyzes for automatic recognition or enter them by hand. Do not forget to fill out the profile to track dynamics and receive recommendations.


Medical ID

A convenient way to keep your medical record. Combine documents, indicators and any important information into events. You can easily restore your medical record, export the necessary documents and indicators, and share the data with your doctor.

Mestory App

Access from the application through a secure cloud.

Mestory Web

The convenient and functional interface on any device.


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