Terms of Digitize Lab reports

Last updated April 15th, 2021
Which documents we can digitize
  1. We can digitize JPG, JPEG, PNG, HEIC and PDF files.
  2. Maximum size per file 100 MB. PDFs no more than 100 pages long.
  3. Spreadsheet or word processed English and Russian documents, but not handwritten.
  4. Digitization requires:
    • The test contains tabular data.
    • Each biomarker is on its own row.
    • Each biomarker has only one value, including reference interval if supplied.
    • Each biomarker occurs only once in a document.
  5. Mestory will process image faster if:
    • The document is photographed face on, without tilt.
    • The photo is sharp and uniformly lit.
    • There are no extra objects in the photo.
    • Only one page is shown on each photo.
Uploading documents
  • Use the website account and select "Add document" section, or
  • Use photo created inside Mestory app, or
  • Select files from your smartphone gallery or files, or
  • Registered users can email or forward documents to documents@mestory.io and lab@mestory.io. Works only for registered users in the application. We do not process requests from people who are not registered.
  • Please don't upload any document more than once.
Test verification
  • Digitized documents undergo verification. Usually the process is completed within one working day.
  • Although we verify all results, some errors can occur from time to time. You can fix these errors manually by checking against your originals.
The biomarkers
  • We supports more than 3,000 biomarkers, and this number is constantly growing. Any unsupported biomarkers and biomarker measures are omitted from the results. If there is a typo in a biomarker name, it will also be omitted.
  • Currently, we do not notify you about new supported biomarkers. If a new biomarker appears on the documents or images you send us, they will automatically be added to your chart.
  • Previous tests do not automatically update with the new biomarker. You would need to update them manually with any new data.
Notifications about digitize
When a test is digitized, we will send you a push-notification in the application and (or) send email. You can modify notification setting in your profile settings.