Who is this service for?

With the help of our service, people who treasure their health and time will be able to store medical data, analyzes and documents in one place! Track the dynamics of changes in biomarkers and share important information with their doctor.


We believe that our service will be especially useful for families. Usually, women are in charge of all health questions of the household. So, you no longer need to keep many different folders with different papers for all family members. Just add all data to our service. Store documents, results of analyzes and examinations. So nothing will be lost and will be at hand when needed.


Athletes will be able to effectively monitor liver, heart and triglyceride biomarkers, while adherents of healthy lifestyles observe changes in sugar and vitamin levels.

Mestory cares about your health

Mestory cares about your health and values your time. We believe that by making health control technically easier, more and more people will become more attentive to their health.

People with chronic diseases

People with chronic diseases with the help of our service can keep their fingers on the pulse without strain. Therefore, the discomfort from chronic disease will be felt less and the joy of life - more.

Pregnant women

Pregnant women no longer need to keep a bunch of different papers, it is enough just to upload everything into Mestory, and by opening access to your doctor, you can significantly reduce anxiety and worries, because everything is under control.

How not to forget which doctor you visited?

How not forget which doctor you visited? Which clinic? What analyses and documents are connected with this appointment? Create an event in the Medical ID section and enter the data into the service. Set up profile settings to share your biomarkers.