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Collected the essential updates for October and November:

Hooray! We've got iPad support!

We have adapted the iPhone version. In the subsequent releases, we will make a unique display.

Displayed the average waiting time for digitizing.

Now you can estimate the waiting time in advance.

Added digitization score.

Now you can send feedback on the results of our work.

Added the ability to add biomarkers to the event after the completion of digitization.

Now you can automate the import of metrics into an event.

Added related events with doctors and clinics.

Now all events are displayed in the profile of the doctor and clinic.

Added «Specialty» for doctors.

Now you can specify the doctor's profile more precisely.

Added the choice of a doctor to the event filters.

You can now find events by a doctor.

Added organ selection to document filters.

You can now find documents for the organ.

Added export of PDF document.

It contains basic information about the document.

Added digitizing comment.

Now, if there are any comments, we will leave a message.

Made indicators older than six months «obsolete.»

Now, when viewing them, the «possibly out of date» block will be highlighted.

Added indicator name as in Analysis.

Now, after digitization, the indicator's name is available as it is written in the analysis results.

Added text (custom) biomarkers.

Now you can add any biomarker that is not in our database.

Made a change to the biomarkers.

You can now edit the values.

Made a change to the document.

You can now edit the document.

Made a change to events.

Now you can edit the event.

Added functionality for editing clinics and doctors.

Now you can edit the data about the clinic and doctors.

Added a new section - «Knowledge Base.»

It will contain information about biomarkers, reasons for the increase, research methods.

We made the phone numbers of doctors and clinics active.

It will be enough to tap on the number to make a call.

Added profile selection when adding a document.

You don't have to switch the profile to add the document to another profile.

Derived the number of analyses received by mail and are awaiting processing.

Now you will see information on the documents sent to us by mail.

Added our social networks.

Subscribe and share with your friends!

Added descriptions to documents.

You can now add additional information.

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