Life hacks for safe summer

Summer is the favorite season for most people. During summer everybody wants to swim, to eat delicious fruits and berries, to soak up the sun, to spend time with family and friends, to have a lot of rest and fun. But not to suffer from a stomach-ache, smear yourself with panthenol, or even not get out of bed at all. Therefore, here are some life hacks to help you get the most out of your summer!


The first thing to be wary of is burns. While summer is just taking shape, and people who have not had time to enjoy barbecues and picnics in the spring are catching up, this will be useful:

  • You should not courageously take up hot dishes and skewers without gloves, turning the meat over and burning your fingers for the sake of the whole company. They won't say thank you, and if they do, it won't help you.

If you nevertheless decide to be a hero and receive a burn:

  • If you do not tear off the stuck clothes, do not smear the newly burnt place with anything and do not prick bubbles, but simply cool the burn with water and give a little rest, everything will pass faster and less painful.

The second thing that can try to spoil the summer is intestinal infections. There is no secret that you must not swallow water from the sea and the river, fruits, berries, vegetables and greens need to be washed very carefully, green unripe plums from trees must not be pulled out and nothing must be eaten with dirty hands. But we would also like to pay attention to how the food is stored when going on a trip. Of course, it is not possible to take a fridge but:

  • Bring a cooler bag and mostly non-perishable foods: cheese, vegetables and fruits, nuts, bread. Wash vegetables and fruits with clean drinking water.

If food poisoning nevertheless overtook you, and you suffer from nausea, vomiting and stomach-ache, and there is no opportunity to visit a doctor:

  • Always have several different absorbent drugs with you. They really help in case of poisoning.

The next thing to take care of is heat and sunstroke.

  • And if it seems to you that only children should wear a hat over their heads, we hasten to upset - this applies to everyone.

  • From 12 pm to 15 pm it is generally recommended to stay at home. During this period the sun is too active.

  • Use SPF protection. By the way, the sun accelerates the aging process, so for the face it is worth taking the maximum.

  • Do not spend all day under the sun.

We hope that these life hacks will help you avoid health problems and enjoy summertime as much as possible.