Why is it important to look after your health?

We should set a high value on our health. 

Health is an indivisible part of longevity and a high-quality life. Unfortunately, no one is immune from a variety of diseases, either congenital or acquired during life or as a result of injuries.

Of course, there are many general guidelines for maintaining a healthy lifestyle: balanced diet, limiting sugars and fats, avoiding alcohol and smoking, and regularly exercising. But this is just a set of standard preventive actions.

In order to extend yourself a long and happy life, you should always keep your finger on the pulse, both literally and figuratively. 

It is necessary to regularly undergo screening, take various tests and observe the dynamics of biomarkers, check sugar and vitamins, visit doctors, not self-medicate, conduct scheduled examinations, including X-ray and ECG.

We tend to neglect health care, often explaining this by the fact that it is long, inconvenient, expensive and unnecessary - if nothing hurts. As for diseases, some of them proceed almost imperceptibly, and become noticeable only when it is too late to do something.

Fortunately, medicine now can correctly identify all deviations from the norm in our body, prevent the development of certain diseases and prescribe right treatment.

But, when such a value as health is at stake, it is still better to be on the alert, not to be lazy and pay attention to it than to kick yourself later.

Our health is the guarantee of our happiness and longevity. And despite all the "buts", we should take care of it. Maybe by your example you will inspire your friends, the rest of your family, and they will inspire someone else, and as a result, in a few years the statistics will become better, and there will be more and more healthy and happy people.