How to track changes in health status if you keep losing your past indicators? Long searches in an e-mail box, a pile of papers - all this creates inconvenience and discourages the desire to sort this out.

What if we tell you that we have come up with a solution? We have created a service that will help you easily organize the storage of all medical documents and biomarkers in digital, so that you no longer fiddle with papers and keep everything in one place?

Our mission

Health is an important component of a happy and long life.
We would like everyone to be able to control their health status using modern digital technologies.
Mestory's goal is to help you better look after your health.

Our principles


We value your time. Therefore, no more paper archives. Add all your health-related documents and quickly find the information you need in digital.


Now you can monitor your biomarkers over time, watch the dynamics of changes, and thuswise look after your health more efficiently.


Your data is strictly confidential and stored on secure servers. You can be at ease.

History of the project



We continue to expand the functionality. Made the first version for iPad, digitization assessment and SEO optimization.


We continue to expand the functionality. Added knowledge base and editing clinics and doctors.


We continue to expand the functionality. We did the editing of documents, indicators and events. Added manual indicators.


Big optimization of the app's features has been done.


Our apps are now available in the App Store and Google Play. But the work is ongoing. We are now working on updates and improvements to make health management easier and more convenient.


Completion of works on the iOS app. Preparation for open testing. Everything is almost done.


Launch of an automatic analysis recognition system. Everything worked out.
Now you just need to upload a document or photo to the app, and biomarkers will be digitized automatically.


Access through the browser has already been opened since April, and now we are working on the app for smartphones.


Beginning of work on an automatic analysis recognition system.
We value our users' time and want to make the interface as fast and simple as possible. You don't have to waste your time on data entry, the service will do everything by itself.


Closed test of the main directions of the service.
We have come up with cool and convenient functions, we are testing them in operation.


Company registration.
This is a very important step for us. Now everything is official.


Getting started on the web cabinet and Android app version for Android. Formation of a base of biomarkers. Soon Mestory will become available to everyone, but for now, we are carrying out spadework to fill the service with the most useful functions.


We did a lot of internal work: created a database, built a server architecture, organized the security of all data. Developed the first full-fledged prototype of an iOS app.


The origin of the idea and the formation of the concept of medical service. Gathering expertise, market research. Creation of the first app prototype. Elaboration of the app logic.