Profile settings

The better you complete and customize your profile, the more efficiently you can use the app. It's easy, we'll show you how below.

Profile is an important part of the service

Based on the data from the profile, we give Health recommendations and display analytics. Therefore, it is important to fill in as many details as possible. You can also add profiles for your loved ones or children.

Reference values

A list of reference values calculated based on your profile is displayed here. Also, you can set your values.


Biomarkers templates

You can create your templates for entering biomarkers or use the system ones.


Personal database and units measurements

Fill in your database of doctors and clinics for easy use in "events". In the "Data format" section, you can choose the units of measurement and the data format displaying format.

Email list

Here are the addresses from which you want to send us documents for the digitization. Also, these addresses will be used to restore access to your account.


Events calendar

In the calendar, you can always find the entire history of actions for a particular day.