The main section for keeping track of your Health. Add, analyze and share biomarkers with your doctor. Get personalized recommendations for improving performance.

Convenient input

Use automatic recognition, enter biomarkers using a ready-made template or add single ones.


The better your profile is completed, the more information you will receive about your biomarkers. Watch the dynamics and get recommendations.


You can export your records for any period.

Adding biomarkers

To add records, you can digitize your document from the lab or enter data manually.


Usually, we pass analyzes in several directions at once and for convenience we have made templates. You can use the system-ready-made templates or create your own.

Biomarkers main screen

Here you can see all your biomarkers with a summary of each. You can sort them by name, value, status or date, as well as display a separate category of records.


View biomarker

In the biomarker card, you can view the history of changes, both on the chart and as a list. If your result is not normal, you will receive a recommendation. You can also see the reference values, related documents, biomarker descriptions and synonyms.